Tips for Teens

It’s so important that teens visit the dentist regularly because they are beginning to make their own choices – and their new adult teeth are their teeth for life. It is much easier to look after your teeth now while they’re in good condition, rather than trying to fix an unhealthy mouth or a painful tooth. Teens decide for themselves what they want to eat, how often they will brush and floss, and whether visiting the dentist is something important for their health. We want to support and encourage them to put their healthy smiles first, so that their lifestyle will follow. 

Teens are also more and more exposed to dental products on the internet. These range from home teeth-bleaching devices to activated charcoal toothpastes. We think it’s great that there are loads of teens who want that perfect smile – we love it! We just want to make sure that they are doing their research on making sure that these products are safe and actually effective. Ask one of our dental professionals before you spend your hard-earned money. 


What to do about Wisdom Teeth

So, you’re having problems with your wisdom teeth? You’re not alone there. Wisdom Teeth usually erupt in late teens and early twenties. Some may erupt uneventfully and become functional teeth, but more often there is not enough space for them to to grow without pain or problems. These problems include ulcers, infections, cavities and pain. Therefore it is best to remove these impacted wisdom teeth as early as possible.

If you have sore wisdom teeth, the dentist will refer you for a free full mouth x-ray and will then be able to see what exactly is causing the pain. If  placed in an easy position, we can extract wisdom teeth here at the practice – but only under the right circumstances. It is up to you whether you choose to get them removed under General Anaesthetic at a hospital or with a professional oral surgeon. We will provide a referral and some pain relief in the meantime. 


Brushing with Braces

If you have braces, it’s even more important to dedicate some time to your teeth every morning and night. There are so many little nooks and crannies for food to get stuck. This can cause bad breath, decay and staining – which is not a look you want to wear around your friends. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your mouth clean, avoid soft drinks that will stain a nice pattern on your teeth and use wax to keep the pointy edges away from your sensitive mouth. We can provide you with Piksters at your regular hygiene visits, which will make it easier to clean between brackets. 

After wearing braces we will give you a good thorough clean and polish so you can show off your new smile confidently.  It’s best to wear your retainer everyday or your teeth will shift and you’ll be back to square one. 




Keep up the Good Work

It’s important to maintain good tooth care habits as you reach adulthood. This means blushing and flossing, regular visits to the hygienist and limited consumption of sugary drinks – especially fruit juices and sports drinks.

If you really want your teeth to shine bright, whether for your deb, formal or simply to have a memorable smile, we offer in-chair tooth whitening that can lighten your teeth in just 2 hours.


What are fissure seals and why do I need them?

Fissures are deep grooves on the biting surface of your teeth, which easily become food traps.  They are more vulnerable to cavities and decay because it’s difficult to get food out with just a brush. Fissure seals are a quick and painless preventative solution.

By covering the fissures with fluoride-containing dental cement, these surfaces are protected. These seals will be invisible to anyone else because they are made of white material identical to the colour of your teeth. Besides, it’s better to get a fissure seal now then deal with a toothache or a cavity later! 


Beware Internet Scams

Online ‘bargains’ such as charcoal toothpastes and home bleaching devices can be dangerous. It is actually illegal in Australia for non-professionals (ie. over the counter medicaments, hairdressers and online-stores) to issue teeth whitening products with an effective concentration of active ingredient.  In other words, their products will work very slowly if at all – and any devices like LED-light mouthpieces that are said to accelerate the effect may end up burning your gums and lips and causing you pain. This is the last thing we want!

From a professional point of view, paying money for online products is a health risk and a waste of your hard-earned money! Talk to us to see if we can offer you the same treatment at value for money, and in a safe and caring environment.