The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Some children are eligible for up to $1000 of free dental work through the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. This covers their half-yearly check and clean, fissure seals and more. Parents and guardians of eligible children should receive a letter from Medicare at the beginning of each calendar year, however, we are also able to check their eligibility at the practice.

We strongly suggest that children take advantage of this scheme and see the hygienist regularly to ensure they maintain good oral health habits into adulthood.

What are fissure seals?

Fissures are deep grooves on the biting surface of your teeth, which are often difficult to clean effectively at home. They easily become food traps and are more vulnerable to cavities and decay – especially the first molars which erupt in six year olds. Fissure seals are a quick and painless preventative solution.

By covering the fissures with fluoride-containing dental cement, the surfaces are protected and plaque cannot accumulate; thereby reducing the possibility of decay and pain.