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Our Services

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        Tooth Whitening

        Teeth can lose their healthy white appearance with age or due to poor oral hygiene. A bright, striking smile can do so much to lift your confidence and leave an impression on those you meet.  

        Tooth whitening is achieved by applying either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide directly to the surfaces of teeth. Legally, the concentrations of these that make a noticeable and lasting difference can only be applied at a dental practice. Products sold at the chemist, hairdresser or online make little difference, and there have been incidences of people getting burnt due to improper use.

        The process by which the products whiten teeth naturally does result in temporary dehydration of teeth. The reaction of  the teeth vary to this process;  some people feel no pain, others experience a level of sensitivity. This is temporary and ceases soon after the treatment is completed.

        At Dentist on Paxton we have various strategies to reduce the discomfort of whitening, such as  desensitizing pastes and tooth mousse.  We can issue these at a complimentary consult appointment. 

         This consult appointment is important to determine whether we need to replace existing restorations – crowns and fillings will not whiten and will be a noticably different colour to your white teeth. The degree of whitening is also a personal choice, some people prefer really white teeth, and others want a moderate improvement. 


        Philips Zoom Tooth Whitening Products:

        There are 2 main ways to whiten teeth, In-Chair treatment or Take-Home treatment.

        Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is the in-chair whitening system. In our experience, patients prefer the one-off in-chair treatment because of the quick result and only one day of sensitivity.  The whole process takes 90 minutes. Dentist on Paxton charge $786 for this course of treatment which includes a consult, 4 sessions of whitening and take home trays and product. 

        Most health funds will rebate towards the cost depending on level of cover. 

        Philips Zoom DayWhite and Phillips Zoom NightWhite are take-home whitening options, here custom made whitening trays are issued along with instructions and the product. The patient wears the trays either overnight, or for 15-30 minutes in the day.  The take home whitening fee at Dentist on Paxton is $484, again most health funds cover part of this cost depending on level of cover. 

        The results are also spectacular but the process is slower and requires 2-4 weeks of daily use depending on the whiteness desired.