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            Root Canal treatments are required when the pulp inside the root becomes infected. This can cause pain, sensitivity and swelling, as well as difficulty chewing.

            Many millions of teeth each year are saved from extraction by having root canal treatment. Having a tooth taken out rather than having root canal treatment can result in problems with biting, chewing and oral health associated with losing a tooth. Furthermore, nearby teeth can move out of their normal position & tilt into the space left by a missing tooth. If you would prefer to save the tooth rather than extract it, your dentist will suggest a root canal treatment.




            After an initial examination and x-ray, your dentist may refer to an ‘endodontist’ who specialises in root canal treatment OR prepare a treatment plan for you at the practice. This will depend on the position of your tooth nerves.

            At your root canal appointment, the dental professional will isolate the teeth with a rubber dam, which will keep the area clean and dry. Next, an opening is made in each tooth so as to clean and shape the root with a file. The infection is treated with anti-inflammatory medicament. Finally, the tooth is strengthened with a filling or a crown.